Paru Damascus Chef&
Paru Damascus Chef&
Paru Damascus Chef&
Paru Damascus Chef&

Paru Damascus Chef's Knife

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Introducing the Paru 8"/20cm Chef's – a masterpiece of culinary craftsmanship. This high-quality Damascus steel European-style knife features a mesmerizing wave-like pattern on its blade. The luxurious pearl shells and resin handle captures the colors of the sea shells, providing both comfort and elegance. Experience the artistry and precision of the Paru Chef's, elevating your culinary creations to new heights.


  • Hand-forged knives
  • Unique handle made of sea shells and resin
  • Japanese VG-10 Damascus steel
  • Extremely sharp and hard blades


  • 67 layers of Damascus steel
  • Hardness: 62±1 HRC
  • Grinding: double-sided
  • Grinding angle: 15°
  • Stainless: Yes
  • For left and right-handers: Yes
  • Total Length: 12.5" / 32cm

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1. Conscientious Cleaning: After each use, it's important to wash your knives by hand with water and mild dish detergent. Dry them carefully afterward to prevent potential damage and staining.

2. The right cutting surface: To prolong the life of your knives, it is recommended to use wooden or plastic cutting surfaces. Avoid glass or metal pads as they can wear down the blades faster.

3. Proper cutting technique: Be sure to wield the knife safely and efficiently to avoid accidents and keep the blade sharp longer. Hold the knife so that it rests optimally on the cutting surface and avoid abrupt, sideways bending.

4. Careful storage: Store your knives in such a way that they cannot be damaged and do not pose a danger. Use a knife block, special magnetic strips, or a drawer with suitable compartments.

5. Regular sharpening and oiling: To maintain the cutting performance of your knives, you should sharpen them continuously. Use suitable sharpening stones or knife sharpeners for this purpose. Occasional treatment with food-grade oil also protects against moisture and rust.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sean K.
Good quality

These are excellent knives! They very comfortably fit in the hand with a perfect balance for a pinch grip.

Lucy R.
Unmatched Versatility

This is a fantastic knife, made with love and artistry. Highly recommended

Lois H.
Really nice

Have long been looking for a good shell knife and this one is incredibly good in the hand and is terrible sharp!

Davion P.
Sleek Performance

Knife in perfect size with a world-class quality!

Elton S.
Highly recommended

Well balanced, stylish, just right weight and sharper than all my other freshly sharp knives. purchase!

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